The Strength of ideas

There are some ideas, that die straight after they were born, and there are others that thanks to someone’s heart, mind, knowledge and passion, go on and on and bear their fruits.
It is really difficult today to explain ho everything got started. Maybe it was just a dream, an intuition, which has become reality thanks to a simple and “primitive” pen sketch at our favourite restaurant.
A pen sketch composed of three joint triangles, that in their simplicity, locked up all the genius of a great idea
That has been the birth f an idea that makes us proud of its shapes, its technique and its extraordinary beauty. Its name is Diamante.
Diamante is the Idea! And today it is a reality its first sketch.
Diamante is an aluminium sailboat, particularly innovative as well as for its design than for its technical choices, 100% made in Italy, Diamante 555 as bean buillted by the Air Naval Yacht shipyard.
We are not the only ones to state that Diamante is something absolutely extraordinary and “never seen before”. Indeed, it has immediately caught the interest of the most important media in this sector and we are proud to say that Diamante has already won the first prize at the Millennium Yacht Design Award in the section “New projects – sailing category” at Seatec 2008, an international trade fair of design and technology.